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8 Features of a Positive Learning Environment

8 Features of a Positive Learning Environment One of the most critical components of a student’s academic, emotional and social success in school is a positive learning environment. This is where participatory teaching and learning happens; where students feel confident to take risks and have genuine conversations; where they feel that they are achieving something [...]

PrepWorks Referral Program

PrepWorks Referral Program Since its inception, PrepWorks has always strived to provide quality service, guidance and education to help students realise their full potential. Therefore, we are always thankful when our clients recommend our services to others. As a sign of thanks for your support, we have set up an official referral program. If your [...]

Why Students Should Practice Critical Reading

Why Students Should Practice Critical Reading How often do people read these days?  According to Cartridge People, 41% of people in the UK spend less than an hour a week reading or listening to books. The pandemic has increased the amount of people reading, and with it, the need to read critically. What is critical [...]

Boost University Applications With a Mentorship

Boost Your Application With a Mentorship One aspect that can improve your chances of getting into a top university is by getting work experience that is relevant to your field of study. This gives admissions officers an idea of what your interests are, how much knowledge you have and also how committed you are to [...]

7 Ways to Encourage Creative Thinking

7 Ways to Encourage Creative Thinking As mentioned in our previous blog post, creativity is not based purely on art, but involves the way people perceive and process information. Creativity can manifest in creative thinking, allowing kids to become better at solving problems due to their adaptability. Here are some ways to promote creative thinking [...]

7 Tips in Cultivating Creativity

7 Tips in Cultivating Creativity Fostering creativity in children is challenging as every child is different and there are no hard-set rules on how to get there. Getting kids to be creative sets them up for success, as they’ll be able to think outside the box and not be limited by tried-and-tested solutions when they [...]

Maintaining Mental Wellness During Lockdown

Maintaining Mental Wellness During Lockdown With people heavily focusing on living with the pandemic, one of the most important aspects in everyone’s lives is getting neglected - our mental health. The impacts of Covid-19 to children and adolescents may not be very obvious, but many parents and teachers have reported children feeling lonely or anxious, [...]

PrepWorks is now in Singapore

PrepWorks Singapore is Now Open! We are pleased to announce that PrepWorks is now in Singapore! You can now contact our Singapore branch at +65 8181 0237 or visit our Singapore Branch at Level 17, Frasers Tower, 182 Cecil Street, Singapore 069547 (by appointment basis only). PrepWorks aims to provide quality admissions consultation services and [...]

Curb the effects of excessive screen use

Are You Staring at Your Screen Too Much? Sitting and looking at screens takes up such a large proportion of the average modern daily routine, that it’s hard to imagine or remember that life was ever any other way. To put things into a shocking perspective, research shows that kids spend an average of 7 [...]

Discover Methods to Improve Online Learning

Online learning is currently necessary to maintain the safety of children, and also fulfils their academic and social needs. Join us this Friday for a free talk on Managing Critical Issues in Online Learning.

Improve Focus in Online Classes

Improve Focus in Online Classes The resurgence of Covid cases in the world has led to many schools going online once again. Staring at the screen all day for online classes can be stressful and tiring. It’s especially worrying for parents since they cannot do much to help their children learn better. We’ve come up [...]

Guide to University Admissions

Guide to University Admissions Preparing for university admissions can be a daunting and confusing process, especially if one’s goal is to go for a top university like Oxford, Cambridge, Russell Group Universities or Ivy Leagues. In this article, we will cover the main aspects of university admissions and provide some insight on how PrepWorks can [...]

Why Students Should Start Their Admissions Prep Early

Set Yourself up for Success by Planning Early Deciding and planning for university studies can start as early as Year 11, especially if the student has an institution in mind. If you have questions about the difference between UK and US higher education systems, check out our post about it.  Why start now? January 2021 [...]

Aim High, We’ll Help You Get There

Aim High, We’ll Help You Get There Want to build a path towards a top university entry? The time to start is now! We’ll be holding a free talk titled “What it Takes to Reach Your Dreams” to give you an idea of what students should be doing to secure their spot in institutions like [...]

6 Ways To Catch up on Learning

6 Ways To Catch up on Learning It’s undeniable that learning has taken the backseat when the world was first hit with the pandemic. 2021 is bound to be full of challenges for students, teachers and schools, as they struggle to complete the syllabus and ensure that information is retained. While there’s no sure-fire way [...]

One major reason students should study in the UK

Graduate Immigration Route Brings New Opportunities A significant portion of students are cancelling their plan to study overseas due to the pandemic. With the newly identified variant of the coronavirus that is said to be more contagious than others spreading in the UK, parents and students are wondering whether it is really worth the risk [...]

Get Expert Advice for Free This December

Get Expert Advice for Free This December Feeling lost with all the university and course choices available? Need to find ways to strengthen your application? Want information from experts who have gone through the application process themselves? Sign up for a free 30-minute consultation (worth RM250) this December with our founder, Tamara Lim. Students in [...]

Set Up a Small Business with Santa’s Tank

Learn how to set up a small business 2020 is a whirlwind of changes and many have begun to realise the importance of having alternative routes to secure your future. Learning how to run a small business is a good way to do so and pick up additional skills beyond the classroom. Santa’s Tank is [...]

Check out our upcoming workshops

Make full use of your holidays with our workshops! While kids get some much needed rest, it’s a good time to sign them up for a few workshops to boost their skills. Join us this December for a wide variety of workshops that will equip your child with skills they won’t get to pick up [...]

Maths Holiday Workshops

Reinforce your child’s mathematical skills this holiday Mathematics is more than just understanding numbers and theories. Nadia, our teacher from PrepWorks Academy, noticed that students need specific guidance when it comes to tackling some math problems, and will be hosting two workshops to help them learn better. Wonderful Word Problems will cover techniques in answering [...]

Free Admissions Consultation this December

What subject should you study at university? This is a make or break question for your future and picking it early is half your battle in the lead up to university. Better than any psychometric or careers test, our director, Tamara, is offering free half-hour slots worth RM250, throughout December to help you figure out [...]

Make Writing Fun with our Creative Writing Workshop

Make Writing Fun with our Creative Writing Workshop A large number students recoil at the thought of creative writing because they don’t find the process enjoyable. The lack of creative writing skill hampers their ability to express themselves. While they may be eloquent when speaking, penning down their thoughts in an organised manner is more [...]

PrepWorks Academy is open for registration

Book your place in PrepWorks Academy for 2021 What are your plans for the new year? A new year is often synonymous with new beginnings, but many people are hesitant to think so. 2020 is undoubtedly a tumultuous year and the world is still at the mercy of the Covid-19 pandemic. With vaccines in development [...]

Affected by Covid-19 Pandemic Fatigue?

Affected by Covid-19 Pandemic Fatigue? It’s been months of working from home, online classes and social distancing, yet Covid-19 is still maintaining its menacing grasp on the world. As parts of the world ease out of lockdown, case numbers surge. Why isn’t the situation improving? In this circumstance, how can you ensure that children remain [...]

3 Benefits of Attending a UK Boarding School

3 Benefits of Attending a UK Boarding School Boarding schools provide a fantastic opportunity for students to grow and learn in ways that regular schools cannot, where students live where they learn and are welcomed into a community that supports their education and well-being. Read more about UK Boarding schools in this post. We have [...]

What You Need to Know about UK Boarding Schools

What You Need to Know about UK Boarding Schools Boarding schools are known for their reputation in offering world-class education, pastoral care and comprehensive facilities. Learn about the benefits of boarding schools through this post. We at PrepWorks aim to help inform parents who are interested in sending their children to boarding school through our [...]

Top 5 UK universities

Top 5 UK universities Studying in top universities has its benefits, but what counts as a ‘top university’?  Ranking sites put in a lot of time and effort to determine how well a university ranks according to their system. While methodology differs from site to site, a lot of them focus on several similar key [...]

Early bird discount for StarWorks

Early bird discount for StarWorks This holiday, set up your child with skills they don’t get to develop in school with StarWorks! From 19 to 23 December, on top of boosting your child’s English language mastery, our tutors will be teaching students how to read critically, discuss current affairs and boost their writing skills. Why [...]

Think critically with these 3 tips

Think critically with these 3 tips A smart person can be wrong.  It sounds hard to believe, but this idea is held by business leaders like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos. Being able to look at how they can revise and improve their ideas or thought process is not only a sign of intelligence, it [...]

Join PrepWorks Academy today

Join PrepWorks Academy today! Looking for engaging online classes that will supplement your child’s primary education? Want to boost their academics with classes that focus on academics and skills? Register for PrepWorks Academy today! PrepWorks Academy is here to provide your child with affordable, world-class education. Our classes are based on the National Curriculum of [...]

Our new look

Our site is now revamped! PrepWorks has a whole new look! Over the past 5 years, we’ve learned a lot while working with students to realise their dreams of attending a top university. PrepWorks aims to establish a methodology that will hold true to time – one that will be able to apply to not only [...]

5 Benefits of Studying in a Top University

It’s no doubt that studying in a top university gives one a sense of immense pride, and an education experience you cannot find anywhere else, but why are they so popular? Here’s 5 benefits to studying in a top university.

Watch Clarissa’s Testimonial about PrepWorks

Watch Clarissa’s Testimonial about PrepWorks We’ve managed to record an interview with Clarissa Teh, our student from PrepWorks who has recently joined the University of Cambridge. Clarissa talks about how PrepWorks has helped her during her admissions process and gives some advice to those who are interested in studying in competitive top universities. PrepWorks provides [...]

Get last minute special rates for our admissions services!

Get last minute special rates for our admissions services! Is your application ready to go? Need some last-minute expert opinion on your personal statement for Oxbridge and Ivy League admissions or other top UK / US universities? We have admissions experts, Oxbridge and Ivy League tutors, ready to help you boost your chances of getting [...]

21st century skills – what, why, how?

Are your kids building the skills they need for success? Set your kids up with 21st century skills. Education evolves with society and technology, and with such evolution, the skills and competencies required for the current and next generation vastly differs from our own. What are 21st century skills?

10 reasons why kids should stay up to date

10 reasons why kids should stay up to date Kids tend to absorb everything around them. From conversations, radio news on the way to school and even memes they share with each other, these tend to reflect or touch upon current events in the world. While their consumption of the news is at a more [...]

Learn about Fulfilling Your Child’s Dream of Studying Abroad

Learn about Fulfilling Your Child’s Dream of Studying Abroad Fulfilling your Child’s Dream of Studying Abroad64% of parents wished they had started saving earlier for their child’s education* Join our panel of speakers as they share their own personal experiences and views on preparing financially for your child’s overseas education. Additionally, we will be sharing [...]

8 tips for better online learning

8 tips for better online learning While many schools have reopened, it is no doubt that a new outbreak can lead to serious consequences. Parents face the dilemma when making the decision to send their children back to school: Should they risk their children’s safety for the sake of maintaining their progress at school? Rather [...]

Welcome back, StarWorks

Our enrichment program, StarWorks, is set up to help bridge the gap between local and global education systems so that younger students can start training their brains earlier.

Watch the HSBC Webinar on Finances and Education

Financial Education for Children is now available! Financial Education for ChildrenStarting your child on their financial journey may be challenging for some parents. Listen to our panel of speakers whom will be sharing their view and personal experience on the value of money growing up, and how they teach their children now. Join our Financial [...]

The Enlightening Truth About Online Schools

The Enlightening Truth About Online Schools As most schools reopen, the persistent anxiety caused by the pandemic remains. Online schools and classes are gaining traction as parents aim to keep their families safe and healthy. In truth, even before Covid-19 hit, homeschooling has become an increasingly popular option for parents as a more viable means [...]

5 tips of getting into a competitive university

5 tips of getting into a competitive university A recent interview with Yugendran Rajaendran is a worthwhile read for parents and students alike. Many are amazed by his achievement of what was considered to be an impossible dream: being accepted into Stanford University. Competitive universities are well-known for low acceptance rates and high quality education. [...]

Tune in to the HSBC Education Webinar Series

This weekend, let’s talk about your kids’ education "Preparing Finances and Education for Study Abroad" Join us on 15 and 16 August in the Private International School Fair 2020! Our founder, Tamara Lim, will be taking part in the HSBC Education Webinar Series to touch on two crucial topics for parents: Financial Education for Children [...]

Top Universities Admissions Preparation Course

The Ultimate Crash Course on getting into Oxbridge, Ivy Leagues and other Top UK and US Universities is here! PrepWorks will be hosting a Top Universities Admissions Preparation Course for participants who want to be fully prepared in all the various aspects of their top university admissions. You can boost your chances of getting into the university of your choice by up to 4 or 5 times!

20% our school fees for August

Parents face challenges when children don’t want to learn; distractions, lack of attention from teachers and unrelatable lessons can cause them to feel tired and frustrated. We at PrepWorks believe that by making learning enjoyable and interactive, students will pick up lessons faster and discover the fun in participating in class-related activities and discussions.

Homework: How much is too much?

“Homework should be banned!” Why kids share this sentiment and how we can overcome it. One of the biggest complaints kids will have about their life is the homework they get. Granted, some students actually love doing homework, but recent studies have shown that students are feeling stressed out from the amount of work they [...]

5 Reasons why kids should have a reading habit

Why do kids not read much these days? Despite being surrounded by words, some of them are more content to immerse themselves in games or watching videos. Cultivating a good reading habit can be challenging, but the effort you put into getting your child to read will be well worth it! Read on to find out why a reading habit is good for your child, and a few tips on how to encourage them.

Sign up for our Online Primary School this summer!

Sign up for our Online Primary School this summer! Worried that your children might be falling behind in their academics? Let them make new friends during the summer and meet highly qualified and interactive teachers from universities like Cambridge, Nottingham and Birmingham University through our online primary school. Our engaging classes provide a global education [...]

Learning Mandarin made easy

Learning Mandarin made easy For parents, pushing kids to learn a new language they don’t speak at home can be a real challenge. Mandarin is no exception, especially with a completely different writing system. Students may end up feeling left out compared to more fluent classmates, as they lack the opportunity to practice it with [...]

Are you the ideal candidate for US institutions?

Are you the ideal candidate for US institutions? Students taking the next step in their education sometimes find the application process confusing. While sending in transcripts of your good grades are a given, universities and colleges look beyond just that. No matter which institution you intend to apply for, your application will be given careful, [...]

Are you suited for the US or UK’s higher education systems?

Are you suited for the US or UK’s higher education systems? If you’ve decided to study abroad, there’s always the conundrum of which country to study in. The United States and United Kingdom are both popular destinations for international students, offering a wealth of opportunities, courses and institutions to pick from. The facilities available and [...]

Nurture Intrinsic Motivation In Your Child

Empower Your Child With Intrinsic Motivation - Part 2 In our previous article, we looked into why intrinsic motivation is necessary for a healthy, happier mindset and provided a few steps you can take to introduce it to your child. To recap, intrinsic motivation is when someone is able to motivate themselves without the need [...]

Empower your child with intrinsic motivation

Empower Your Child With Intrinsic Motivation - Part 1 It’s a common tactic to use extrinsic motivation as a means to encourage children to do something. These include a promised trip if they get good grades, or dessert if they finish their vegetables. Although offering rewards makes them repeat good behaviour or actions, children may [...]

How to Beat Procrastination

How to Beat Procrastination We all get that feeling once in a while, when we think of the tasks we need to complete today and all the hassle it will bring - sometimes it’s so easy to just sigh and say ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’.  Procrastination. Although it’s defined in a rather blasé term by [...]

Are You Moving Enough?

The negative impacts of a sedentary lifestyle were being talked about 80 years ago. In the 1940s, a Scottish epidemiologist named Morris investigated the risks of what was then called ‘sitting disease’. He discovered conductors were at lower risk for coronary heart disease than their bus-driving colleagues. When he expanded the study and compared postal delivery workers to sedentary postal clerks, similar results were found.

Home tutor to your doorstep.

Prepworks is happy to announce that we can now bring classes to you from the 4th of May onwards! In light of the loosening MCO measures, we can arrange to have a tutor who lives within a 10km radius from your home to travel to you for lessons.

Your child may learn better online.

How students handle and respond to online learning will definitely vary due to their personality and preference. A good online learning environment and engaging class are crucial to boost your child’s learning. Joining StarWorks can be a way to help your child accustom themselves to online learning. As the lesson goal is less rigid and not tied to a school syllabus, your child can learn crucial skills at their own pace in a fun and encouraging environment.

Help your child speak clearly and confidently.

Help your child speak clearly and confidently. Some kids are too shy to talk no matter how much you encourage them. Some kids talk too much and end up with a whirlwind of words you just can’t catch up to. Speaking clearly and confidently is a valuable skill that often gets neglected by most, until [...]

Is your child a critical thinker?

Is your child a critical thinker? There comes a time when as a child is growing up, they will reach a phase some may call the ‘why phase’. It’s incessant and sometimes really annoying, especially when they sound like they’re trying to avoid following instructions, or won’t give you a break. We know however, that [...]

Guided Research and Mentorship Program

Research from home and gain experience you won’t get from school. Our program costs RM17,500 to have a US professor as a mentor, and RM20,000 for a UK professor.

Designing An Evening Routine For Success & Happiness

We’ve already talked about how to design the perfect morning routine, so why stop there? Unsurprisingly, our night-time routine can be just as important in helping us to navigate through our lives as the best version of ourselves. Unlike morning routines, which are designed to solely prepare you for an awesome day, evening routines have [...]

Designing a Morning Routine For Success & Happiness

Since we’re all cooped up at home, your schedules might end up a bit more relaxed. You should be getting your well-deserved rest, and while getting ready in the morning is different from what you usually do, a morning routine can help kickstart your day. It’s not about waking up at 6 a.m. to run [...]

Why writing skills are vital even in our digital world

Why writing skills are vital even in our digital world. It’s often said that kids these days just don’t bother with reading or writing anymore. Gone are the days of writing letters or recording your day in a diary. Why write three paragraphs when you can take several pictures? The media we consume nowadays are [...]

Stuck at home? We have some cabin-fever hacks for you!

Stuck at home? We have some cabin-fever hacks for you! 5 tips to prevent cabin fever As the world shudders into a halt due to the Covid-19 pandemic, everyone is staying home to prevent the spread of the disease. Even though we know that it’s for the best, everyone, kids especially, can’t help but feel [...]

Major exams cancelled! What do I do?

Major exams cancelled! What do I do? In lieu of the coronavirus outbreak, many major exams have been cancelled to protect the safety and wellbeing of everyone involved. It is definitely a sad, but necessary decision. Students and teachers have been toiling for months to prepare for the examination, spending long hours studying, discussing past [...]

PrepWorks now offers LIVE ONLINE tutoring and academic coaching

PrepWorks is offering tutoring and academic coaching ONLINE! Need structure? Want to tweak your academic performance? Now is the time! You can do it all through livestream with our tutors and academic coaches. With Malaysia’s Movement Control Order being extended to 14th of April, it’s vital to set up an academic schedule for your kids. [...]

COVID-19: An Explanation for Kids

COVID-19: An Explanation for Kids. The coronavirus has affected more than 169 countries, and claimed many lives. It’s difficult not to worry about the illness, known as COVID-19, especially when everyone is talking about it. But what we need to do now is to stay calm and follow a few rules and instructions. Here is [...]

All Classes to be conducted online or postponed until further notice

All Classes to be conducted online or postponed until further notice To all our parents & students,  In light of the lockdown and to prevent further spreading of the Covid-19 virus, PrepWorks is doing our part in taking all our 1-on-1 in-home tutoring, weekly classes, holiday workshops and events online!  So how would it work? [...]

How To Remedy A Damaged Attention Span

How To Remedy A Damaged Attention Span The internet used to be a luxury tool which we only switched on when we wanted to do something specific. Now, it is incredibly sophisticated and what we can use it for is potentially limitless. You may have noticed that these days, most of us have checked our [...]

7 Easy Ways to Encourage our Kids to Read & Write

Explore our Writing Workshop for 11-13 year olds coming up this Easter if you would like to pull the handbrake on technology and allow your child to discover the wonder in this contagious art form that classrooms might be making too technical and sterile. As for reading, start with a Kindle. Quoting Margaret Atwood who wrote The Handmaid’s Tale : “In the end, we’ll all become stories” so learn to create and write yours the best you can.

Low Self-Esteem

People with low self-esteem tend to not be very kind to themselves, judge their own actions negatively, and take on less challenges in life due to a belief that they will inevitably not succeed. Building self-esteem is a process, and it can take time to shift beliefs. Find out how.

The Case for Studying Arts and Humanities: the “A” in STEAM

The Case For Studying Arts and Humanities In the words of Steve Jobs, "Technology alone is not enough. It's technology married with liberal arts, married with humanities, that yields us the results that make our heart sing." Here at Prepworks, we can’t help but agree. It has come into our awareness that the majority of [...]

30% off Oxbridge, Ivy Leagues & Non-Oxbridge Admissions Packages!

To celebrate we would like to extend a special Chinese New Year offer of 30% off all our Oxbridge, Ivy League and Non-Oxbridge Admissions packages.

Congratulations to all our Students!

Results are out! A Message from our Director I can imagine a day like 15th January would be filled with mixed feelings to the extremes - some elated and some huge disappointments. Getting into Oxford or Cambridge is no easy feat and a big achievement. However for some of us who hold ourselves to the [...]

How To Get Kids To Open Up

Why is it that many children find it so challenging opening up to their parents and what can parents do to improve the quality of these dialogues? We hope that this article will provide you with some resources to further enrich your connection with your kids!

PrepWorks at the British Boarding Schools Show!

Nov 21
Undecided which boarding school to apply for? Join us to meet top UK Boarding School representatives and the Admissions Directors First-Hand!

2019 Year End Courses

Our 2019 Year End Courses are here!   Need to be more mindful, self-aware and have improved focus in school? Or is 2020 a big year for you - full of important exams and you need to find that motivation, self-discipline and get your study habits on track? Spend the first part of your holidays [...]

Mindfulness, Meditation, And How To Practice Them: Part 2

Mindfulness, Meditation, And How To Practice Them: Part 2 In part one of this two-part article, I explained how hitting what could be described as a rock-bottom led me down the beautiful and challenging path of completely redesigning my habits, involving reconnecting with my deeper self and the present moment through practices of conscious awareness. [...]

Mindfulness, Meditation, And How To Practice Them: Part 1

Mindfulness, Meditation, And How To Practice Them: Part 1 In this two-part article, our Prepworks tutor bravely shares about her personal experience involving mental exhaustion and transformation through meditation, in the hopes that it will inspire other people to take better care of themselves so that they don’t end up in a similar situation. She [...]

The Importance of Developing Critical Thinking Skills

The Importance of Developing Critical Thinking Skills We live in a society where we are constantly being bombarded with advertising and subliminal messages; so much so, that we are somewhat immune to the fact that these signals are overtly trying to influence our thoughts and behaviours. Let’s look at an average day for evidence of [...]

Pursuing an English Literature Degree – Is it Really ‘Useless’?

“What job can you get with this degree?”
This question would probably be a familiar one to many parents out there worried for the future of their children who will be taking a closer step into the real world.
It is a fair concern as humanitarian subjects such as language, philosophy, history, and many others within the category does not have a direct application to the job market. However, how true is it that degrees such as these would lead you nowhere? Well, according to PrepWorks’ Tutor, Carmen Thong, it is true only to a limited extent.

A Reading List to Remember

Ever thought what books your child should have read by the time they were 18? Or just looking for the perfect reading list of educational, inspirational and thoughtful literature. If these questions have crossed your mind, especially for some of us a million times, you are reading the right blog! Below we have a collection of books and their summaries: a list to inspire, to educate and for fun!

Put together by one of our top English tutors, having just got accepted (on full scholarship) to do her PhD in English Literature at Stanford University, PrepWorks brings you their favourite under 18 book list. We recommend you to get these books today or borrow them from our updated PrepWorks library!

GRIT: A Key Skill for our Future Generation?

As a teacher for over a decade, my question has always been ‘What sets one student apart from another?’ Is it nature or nurture? Usually, by the end of the first class, I have a feeling who will do well and who would need extra help. What did the kids who I knew would do well have in them? What were the qualities I was unconsciously looking out for?


A guide on when to register. It is very normal to think that applying to boarding schools in the UK can be thought of a year in advance, just like any other international school. However this is unfortunately too late by top UK boarding school standards.

What is the Best Route to the Oxbridges and Ivy Leagues?

Should I send my child to International School, Chinese School, the local system? Is the international school system worth it? What is the value of a Chinese school education – can my child get to Oxbridge that way? Should I consider sending my child to a Top UK boarding school and what benefit does that bring? We interviewed some of our tutors who kindly shared with us their education pathways.

Is Boarding School Life for me?

Ever wondered what it was like to be in a Top British Boarding School? How dramatically life would change from the comforts of your own home, from being able to have your own bedroom and bathroom, from feeling the warm sunshine, from having more free time to do as you wish, from eating Malaysian food and from seeing your parents everyday?

Preparing your Child for a Top UK and US University

Every parent wishes the best for their child. If you are reading this you are probably of the opinion the best is to send them abroad for university.

How to prepare for an Oxbridge Interview

As November nears its end, some applicants may have already received interview invitations from their respective colleges and universities. After getting over the initial excitement, the nervousness will set in and the big question will be – what can I do to prepare?

Why are Public Speaking skills important?

At PrepWorks we aim to cover all the skills the normal academic curriculum may not focus on: the skills that are what I would like to call the ‘last mile’ skills. One of these skills is Public Speaking or really the art of Speaking.

University: Planning the Time of Your Life – and making it better!

3 Handy Tips for 15 – 18 year old students as they approach their final years in high school and begin thinking of the next important step: university.

Where and what to study at University?

Simple questions to ask yourself before you pick a degree and university.