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Major exams cancelled! What do I do?

In lieu of the coronavirus outbreak, many major exams have been cancelled to protect the safety and wellbeing of everyone involved. It is definitely a sad, but necessary decision. Students and teachers have been toiling for months to prepare for the examination, spending long hours studying, discussing past papers and making improvements. While the examinations have been called off, students should not despair in thinking that their efforts are wasted. You may not be able to prove yourself through the exam, but you can still find other ways to boost your university applications!

We have a few ideas for those who may feel a little bit lost from the exam cancellation. These tips not only help improve your knowledge, it will also help you stay ahead of the competition.

Work on relevant extracurriculars

For A-level students, now is a good chance to look at what extracurriculars you can do. Whatever subject you’re interested in, there’s always room for pre-emptive learning. For example, if you’re interested in getting into medicine, you can blog about COVID-19 and summarise relevant studies or news. Those who are interested in studying computer science can learn to code online or even code a simple app.

You should think about turning what you are doing now to something that can be considered beneficial or helps your development. Turn your interest into something that you can put more time and effort into, like write about the economical impacts of the lockdown after the many articles you’ve read. If you want to study English, start an online journal or review books you’ve been reading. In truth, even if you’re not an A-level student, doing this helps you look into what you’re learning from a different perspective and would definitely be a way you use your time wisely.

Do something new

Education is a lifetime pursuit, and while you may not be attending school, you can still look into learning something about your subject or even, something completely different. Plenty of organisations have made their resources free and accessible for everyone due to the outbreak. Websites like Coursera, Udemy and Skillshare provide a wealth of resources and things you can learn from. Maintaining a good learning habit is essential, even after you’re moving on from your current stage of education, so why not learn something new and fun?

You can also catch up on reading or find some new resources to read. Scribd is offering their library of books and academic papers to everyone for 30 days. Additionally, those who prefer listening to audiobooks can access Audible Stories and pick any book to their liking. If you feel like you’ve done enough reading, how about working on your writing skills and joining some essay competitions? Peterhouse Cambridge has prizes for History, Science and English essays. There are also interesting essay competitions such as the Goi Peace Foundation’s International Essay Contest for Young People.

Look for a job

Your parents are not the only ones who can work from home. Look for online jobs or summer internships that can provide you relevant working experience in your field of study. It can give you an insight to the processes of a company, something you would not get from just learning a course or reading a book. Internships and entry-level jobs will look good on your CV and applications, plus you may also earn extra pocket money!

Otherwise, you can also volunteer to help groups that are in need of assistance right now. Do your research on what help you can offer and what organisations you want to work with. These jobs you can do will help you work on your interpersonal skills in a work setting, as it will be a different environment from school. You will also be able to offer your skills and talent to people who need it.

Talk to us!

The world is changing at a very rapid pace right now, and many things remain uncertain, but we should still persist in working towards our future. Your exams may be called off, but you’ll still move on to university or college. Arm yourself with knowledge and be informed! If you’re interested in knowing more about university applications and the university experience. Check out our Discover Your Future event. Our event is online and FREE!

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We hope to see you there. Keep working hard!