PrepWorks is offering tutoring and academic coaching ONLINE!

Need structure? Want to tweak your academic performance? Now is the time!

You can do it all through livestream with our tutors and academic coaches.

With Malaysia’s Movement Control Order being extended to 14th of April, it’s vital to set up an academic schedule for your kids. Not only will it keep them busy enough to let you work in peace, they’ll also remain motivated and focused on their studies, preparing them for their eventual return to school.

PrepWorks is now offering online services to make sure your kids can continue learning. Oxbridge and Ivy League tutors are ready to bring your child back to their groove. Receive guidance live just like you would in a normal class setting. Our experienced tutors will help familiarise your child with their subjects and exams. Students can work on their weaker topics without interruption or distraction from other students. They’ll feel more confident in their own abilities and become enthusiastic to improve.

Kids learn differently, a mismatch of teaching and learning styles can lead to them falling behind and feeling unhappy in class. If you’re seeking assistance that isn’t subject-based for your child, PrepWorks provides online academic coaching as well. Academic coaching helps them discover their learning style and personal motivations to create a system they can implement to reach their goals. If your child is stressed out from school or demotivated, our coaches will be able to tailor make sessions to guide them towards improvement.

Children are our future, and come what may, it’s important we don’t neglect their academic progress. Talk to us today to find out more!