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Reinforce your child’s mathematical skills this holiday

Mathematics is more than just understanding numbers and theories. Nadia, our teacher from PrepWorks Academy, noticed that students need specific guidance when it comes to tackling some math problems, and will be hosting two workshops to help them learn better.

Wonderful Word Problems will cover techniques in answering word problems that students encounter in their exams. Word problems can be confusing and require multiple steps to complete. The workshop will impart a few ways the participant can analyse the word problems to prevent confusion and select the relevant information to reach the correct answer. This workshop is suitable for those who struggle with the international school method of assessing maths or want to improve their answering techniques.

Mental Maths Mastery will impart the skill of mental arithmetic, an important skill that is both good for academics and has real life applications. Participants get to learn how to quickly do equations in their minds and visualise problems without the need for pen and paper. This skill keeps their brains active and reduces the time needed for calculations! This workshop is suitable for those who want to speed up their mathematical abilities.

To register for the workshops or read more about them, check out the links below.