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Watch Clarissa’s Testimonial
about PrepWorks

We’ve managed to record an interview with Clarissa Teh, our student from PrepWorks who has recently joined the University of Cambridge. Clarissa talks about how PrepWorks has helped her during her admissions process and gives some advice to those who are interested in studying in competitive top universities.

PrepWorks provides comprehensive university admissions guidance from selecting the best university for you to preparing for interviews and entrance exams. Students who are proactive in seeking guidance in their university admissions get a significant boost to their chances of getting in. We’re very happy that Clarissa has managed to succeed in her application, and wish to make the dreams of more students come true.

We’re having a limited time offer for students looking to improve their chances in university admissions! Get special rates for our admissions services. Our offer ends by 24 October, 2020. If you are unsure about how PrepWorks can help you with your university admissions, book a 15-minute consultation with us for free! We’ll be able to help you identify your gaps and answer any questions you may have.