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5 Benefits of Studying in a Top University

You’ll hear about them all the time when it comes to higher education. Names like ‘Oxbridge’, acronyms and shortened names of institutions are often thrown about. Students flock to them, parents push their kids towards them and employers seek graduates from them. It’s no doubt that studying in a top university gives one a sense of immense pride, and an education experience you cannot find anywhere else, but why are they so popular? Here’s 5 benefits to studying in a top university:

High academic standards

In top universities, you will receive an education that is higher in quality compared to others. Professors there are usually in the forefront of their field of study, and will be able to keep you up to date with the latest changes and discoveries in your field. The research quality in these institutions are also better than most, meaning you will not only receive knowledge from the best, but also have an opportunity to collaborate and work with the best to contribute in your field.

Resources and facilities

Having access to a variety of resources and state-of-the-art facilities brings a significant benefit to students as well. Top universities usually have well-stocked libraries and access to a gamut of research papers for students to take advantage of. As they are in the forefront of technology, these universities receive a lot of funding to have the best laboratories and research facilities that you might not find anywhere else.

Influential network

Attending a top university can help you build a strong network that can provide a wealth of opportunities in the future. You not only get to connect with faculty members, and get to listen to top leaders giving talks, you may also get to build academic partnerships with other institutions in the world. Your alumni network can also help you find jobs, which leads to the next benefit.

Employment opportunities

Top universities get to funnel their students into working with top companies. You are more likely to get an internship with well-known companies and possibly gain a job offer. Besides that, employers are more likely to respond to your cold pitches and applications if you are from a top university because they recognise the reputation these universities have. Since getting in is already highly competitive, there is an assurance that you will be a great candidate.


By studying in top universities, you will be surrounded by other highly motivated people who are sure to provide you with a challenge. These are the people who, like you, have succeeded in the rigorous admissions process you went through. You not only get to work with amazing professors, but also brilliant peers from all around the world. These people will play a vital role in shaping you and enriching your life with different perspectives and insights.

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