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Make Writing Fun with our Creative Writing Workshop

A large number students recoil at the thought of creative writing because they don’t find the process enjoyable. The lack of creative writing skill hampers their ability to express themselves. While they may be eloquent when speaking, penning down their thoughts in an organised manner is more challenging. How can they showcase their skill and creativity when it’s difficult to come up with ideas?

Creative writing is much more than just writing stories and language mastery. It’s the ability to express your feelings, thoughts and emotions. Writers who whisk readers away on an adventure do not rely on pretentious vocabulary and verbose sentences – they create a story, descriptions and characters that are fascinating enough to keep you hooked. That’s what this workshop aims to do.

This December, Wan Ting, our teacher from PrepWorks Academy, will be conducting a Creative Writing Workshop. Participants get to look at creative writing beyond the context of the classroom, freeing themselves from the limitations of a grading rubric. We’ll work towards writing fun and compelling stories that they can write. This sets up a solid foundation for students to enjoy the writing process, thus honing their craft. 

This workshop is suitable for those who are eager to improve their writing or want to find joy in the writing process. Register before 1 December 2020 to receive an early bird discount! We have two separate levels: 9 – 11 year olds and 12-14 year olds. Find out more though our page below.