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Book your place in PrepWorks Academy for 2021

What are your plans for the new year? A new year is often synonymous with new beginnings, but many people are hesitant to think so. 2020 is undoubtedly a tumultuous year and the world is still at the mercy of the Covid-19 pandemic. With vaccines in development and virus mutations, there are simply too many uncertainties tied to our future.

Health and financial concerns are now more significant than ever. Is it possible to return to physical schools next year? What if schools close down again? Should I be paying additional resource and facility fees if my child will be online schooling the whole of next term (again)? You’re not alone with these concerns. Committing to physical schools has become a huge question mark for parents, including those of us who work at PrepWorks. 

The frustration behind school closures and dull online classes has led us to establish PrepWorks Academy this year, and we plan to continue our efforts. We realised that too often, online classes are one-way – with teachers delivering lessons to a crowd of 15 to even 50 students! Students end up feeling stressed, bored and lonely. It’s hard for teachers to observe how their students feel if they’re a small square on the screen. Learning isn’t guaranteed.

PrepWorks Academy is making online learning a different experience. We conduct our lessons in a way that focuses on class interaction and student engagement, ensuring that every class has only a maximum of 10 students. With worksheets and interactive tools such as annotations in Zoom and Pear Deck, your child is involved in providing input, asking questions and expressing their opinions in class. Learning happens far more effectively if students are enjoying their lessons where their social-emotional needs are taken care of. 

At an affordable price, you get to supplement your child’s education (or even have PrepWorks Academy as a standalone education for your child) with us. Our lessons are based on the National Curriculum of England, which is suitable for all education streams and a good way to boost English language skills. Our school terms are 3 months, so there’s less financial commitment too. You will also get to select specific subjects you want your child to take, or opt for our package for more savings.

Interested? Check out our sneak peeks into classes on our YouTube channel here or talk to us to arrange for a trial class.

Want to hear what students have to say about our program?

Here’s a testimonial from Khaleef I., who is in our Year 2 programme:
“I like online school because I get to be with my family at home. My teachers are kind and fun and they always teach me cool things I didn’t know before. I used to hate going to school but I love my PrepWorks classes because I have so much fun talking with my teachers. I get to ask my teachers many questions and they always answer me kindly.”