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Learning Mandarin made easy

For parents, pushing kids to learn a new language they don’t speak at home can be a real challenge. Mandarin is no exception, especially with a completely different writing system. Students may end up feeling left out compared to more fluent classmates, as they lack the opportunity to practice it with family members. While some schools offer Mandarin classes, their programs tend to be lackluster, and focused on exams.

PrepWorks Online Primary School is teaching Mandarin classes using Mandarin PIE programs. The program offers a learning experience that is effective and enjoyable for students who are picking up the language. Students learn for the sake of knowledge, communication and enjoyment. In a non-Mandarin learning environments, students are often pushed to just perform and pass exams, leading to classes that prioritise speed of learning over language mastery at the cost of student satisfaction. Mandarin PIE aims to let students learn at their own pace, according to their level, so that they grow to become confident Mandarin speakers and users.

Mandarin PIE follows the Youth Chinese Test (YCT) syllabus by the Hanban, the Confucius Institute Headquarters, which is an agency of the Ministry of Education of China. This test is an official proficiency test launched to promote foreign students to learn Mandarin. Students who take the YCT test can eventually move on to the Chinese Proficiency Test, or HSK, which is administered by Hanban as well. A HSK certificate is valid without any limitations in China, and will serve similar purposes like IELTS or TOEFL tests for English.

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