Your child may learn better online

Most people feel that online classes will not be as effective as physical classes, so it’s surprising to find out that some students actually learn better online! Our tutor, Nazya, talks a bit about her own experience teaching online, and how it turned out to be a surprising, productive change for her small group class at Prepworks. Here are some reasons why some students find online classes more enjoyable:


Learning in a less rigid setting can take away the pressure some students face in class. They don’t need to travel from home to class and back again. As they learn from home, they feel more comfortable and happy. Students are also able to take small breaks on their own instead of waiting for recess. This means that they’re more refreshed and energized when it’s time for them to answer questions.


Being scrutinized by your teacher when you’re writing can make you hesitate and feel intimidated. Students who are learning online don’t feel the same pressure when they’re being observed. “I can leave comments on their work in real time without interrupting their flow as they type,” Nazya mentions. The convenience of being able to view their work clearly on a screen as opposed to over their shoulder in class makes it easier for mistakes to be corrected too.

Less distraction

“The kids aren’t distracted by the close proximity, movements and noise of other students when they learn online,” said Nazya, who discovered that her students could focus better. An online class is free from common classroom distractions such as students chatting or bothering each other. With a mixture of effective class discussions and uninterrupted work time, students end up producing better work in larger amounts.

While not all students enjoy the prospect of online classes, joining StarWorks can be a way to help your child accustom themselves to it, coupled with a fun and engaging way to sharpen their speed reading, comprehension, writing and critical thinking skills.

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