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5 Reasons why kids should have a reading habit

Why do kids not read much these days? Despite being surrounded by words, some of them are more content to immerse themselves in games or watching videos. Cultivating a good reading habit can be challenging, but the effort you put into getting your child to read will be well worth it! Read on to find out why a reading habit is good for your child, and a few tips on how to encourage them.

1. Develop cognitive skills

Studies have shown that children have a reading habit score better in cognitive tests, like spelling vocabulary or mathematics. While doing better in spelling and vocabulary makes sense, how does maths come into the picture? It’s said that reading introduces new concepts to the reader, which helps them process and absorb information better. This means that they will pick up lessons faster than their peers who don’t read as often.

2. Boost literacy

When kids read, they pick up new words and ideas that not only improve their writing, but also helps them understand lessons faster. A better vocabulary means less time struggling through pages of a dictionary or looking up words online, only to be met with definitions they don’t understand! Their sentence structure also improves if they spend time reading more advanced novels or stories.

3. Better concentration

The ability to sit down and focus is one that most teachers wish students will have. When reading, children will sit down and pay attention to a book for a period of time. The positive experience from enjoying a book without getting distracted by their surroundings or gadgets can help their ability to focus on one task. This means they’re less likely to feel restless during class.

4. Improve their imagination and empathy

Stories take the readers on a journey with a cast of characters and thrilling events. As children read, they will imagine themselves taking part in the adventure by picturing the scenery or action. Various themes in different books also expose them to more ideas and settings. From this, they also learn how the characters feel as the story progresses, giving them an insight to different perspectives. They become more creative and understanding individuals through the power of reading.

5. Enhance communication skills

A more extensive vocabulary helps children express themselves better. They understand nuances between certain words and how to use them accurately. A reading habit also becomes a new topic to discuss, as children get to talk about their views on a book as they share it with you or their friends. This also helps with their social skills as there are times when there would be minor disagreements! They get to learn how to handle them and listen to the other party.

How to encourage reading

Get kids started by pointing out the things around them. For example, let them read food packaging when you’re shopping. Information such as sugar content or the product’s history can become interesting talking points. Besides that, set some time aside for them to read, without screens. While gadgets provide a wealth of reading resources, the temptation to wander off into another app is too close at hand.

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