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Set Yourself up for Success by Planning Early

Deciding and planning for university studies can start as early as Year 11, especially if the student has an institution in mind. If you have questions about the difference between UK and US higher education systems, check out our post about it. 

Why start now?

January 2021 is a really good time to start if you plan to enter university by September 2022. This gives the student a reasonable amount of time to focus on different areas of their application, including picking up extra-curricular activities to improve their profile. They also get the opportunity to strengthen their weaker subjects and familiarise themselves with entrance examinations and interviews.

Here’s a simplified sample timeline that helps you understand the admissions preparation process:

For those eager to prepare can start immediately after their Year 11 examinations in June. We have a special extension programme dedicated to them. Students who start earlier have more time to prepare and are more likely to reach their top universities as they know what to focus on. PrepWorks also helps these students decide on their A Level or IB subjects to ensure that they are picking the best subjects to gear them towards their desired degree. One of the common challenges student face is that they realised far too late that the subjects they’ve selected for pre-university are not optimal for their intended course.

Being exposed to degree options at this stage provides a huge advantage – students get to work on any necessary preparation required leading up to the university application, and have ample time to balance out both studies and activities. Additionally, any extra hours left in their extension programme can be carried over to the admissions programme so you won’t lose out.

Preparing early can boost your chances of getting accepted up to 4 or 5 times. Find out more about our admissions services by clicking on the button on the left, or join our free talk related to top university admissions on 31 January by clicking on the button on the right.