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Get into an Ivy League or Top US college such as Harvard or Princeton! Our FREE 45 minute Webinar will cover critical topics such as application strategies, effective personal essays and much more. This comprehensive workshop is conducted by Kylie Francis, a Prepworks tutor who has a track record in guiding students into successful Ivy League admissions in the US, such as Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, University of Pennsylvania and top Russell Group universities in the UK. Kylie herself is a Harvard & University of Pennsylvania (The Wharton School) alumni.

Kylie Francis

Tutor, Prepworks

Kylie has a Bachelor’s degree in Government from Harvard University and a Master’s in Business Administration from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. Coming from a family of journalists, Kylie has always been inquisitive about human nature and adept at writing. She is passionate about helping people to fulfil their unique potential in life. Since 2014, Kylie has been guiding prospective university students’ through the process of self-discovery and storytelling so that they can write effective admissions essays and maximize their chances of getting into their dream university. Kylie’s students have gone on to Ivy League colleges in the US, such as Harvard, Princeton, Columbia and University of Pennsylvania, as well as to top Russell Group universities in the UK.