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Early bird discount for StarWorks

This holiday, set up your child with skills they don’t get to develop in school with StarWorks! From 19 to 23 December, on top of boosting your child’s English language mastery, our tutors will be teaching students how to read critically, discuss current affairs and boost their writing skills.

Why is critical thinking and reading important? Students in school are often not given enough opportunity to develop these skills, which helps them process information better and apply rational thinking methods in their life. They have no one to really discuss ideas and opinions, as class sizes are often too large for proper discussions.

StarWorks is a programme created to fill that gap. Students get to develop these skills and find ways to express themselves better. We use articles from the award-winning newspaper for kids, First News, to have them analyse and talk about current issues. They get to boost their confidence, communication skills, and thinking skills, which will help them become independent learners and critical thinkers.

The online programme will be offered at two levels, Level 3 (Year 5 & 6 or 9 – 11 years old) and Level 4 (Year 7 & 8 or 11-13 years old). StarWorks is suitable for students from all education streams. Our early bird discount for StarWorks will be ending on 1 November, so head on to our page if you’d like to join our enrichment programme during the holidays!